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Sepulcher of Order

Overview -=- Quests and Missions (By NPC name) -=- Named Spawn Overview -=- Named All Info

Map of Quest First Steps in Sepulcher Map of Quest First Steps in Sepulcher Map of Quest First Steps in Sepulcher

The #'s on the map(s) show the areas where the first few steps in each task takes place (Same #'s take place in the same area, if no # is present it is an instance, takes place outside of the zone, or can be done throughout the entire zone)

Tasks go in - order, if an | exists it means you can do those in any order, but have to all be done to continue on to the end. If tasks aren't listed in a chain, they can be done at any time.

Quest Chain: The Fracturing of Order | To Kill a Thel Ereth Ril - Crafting the Triumvirate's Downfall - Resurrecting the Gods - Breaching the Barrier - The Triune God

Note- For the Alsa Thels, Quests with **** around their name are likely to be the easiest/fastest

Mercenary Quests:
Clipping an Ascended's Wings: 1
It's a Jungle Out There: 2
Rest In Pieces: 3
Revenge is its Own Reward
Sleeping with the Fishes: 4
Partisan Quests:
To Kill a Thel Ereth Ril
Crafting the Triumvirate's Downfall
Resurrecting the Gods: 5
Serving the Triumvirate: 6
The Fracturing of Order: 7
The Power of Alsa Thel: 8

Group Missions:
Breaching the Barrier
The Triune God
Alsa Thel Droplet Quests:
Dismantling the Order Must be done first: 9
****Beastly Scavengers****: 2
Become the Thel Ereth Ril: 10
****Condeming the Next Generation****: 11
Confront your Nemesis: 12
Conquest of the Triumvirate: 13
****Descend to Ascend****: 1
Electrocution Danger: 4
****Gift of Stabbing****
Harmonious Magic: 12
High Tide: 4
****Illegal Mining****: 14
Inherit the Wind: 11
Persuading the Weak Minded: 1
****Raptor Rampage****: 2
Secreting Supplies: 15
Severing the Vines: 16
Summation of Nightmares: 17
Taming the Living Blades: 18
Target the Healers: 14
The Cloud of Decay: 17
The Heat of Battle: 18
The Hunger of Thel: 19
Touched by a Thel Ereth Ril
Trimming the Overgrowth: 16
Alsa Thel of Battle Quests:
Relic of Battle: Steel Reclamation: 20
Relic of Battle: Thelasas of the Relic: 20
****Relic of Battle: Time Trial of Steel****: 20
Relic of Battle: Winning the Battle: 20
Alsa Thel of Beasts Quests:
****Relic of Beasts: Come Into My Lair****: 21
Relic of Beasts: Culling the Herd: 21
Relic of Beasts: Thelasas of the Relic: 21
Relic of Beasts: Usurping a Champion: 21
Alsa Thel of Decay Quests:
Relic of Decay: Bone Density: 22
Relic of Decay: Filthy Lure: 22
Relic of Decay: Sweeping up the Dead: 22
****Relic of Decay: Thelasas of the Relic****: 22

Alsa Thel of Fertility Quests:
Relic of Fertility: All Tangled Up: 23
****Relic of Fertility: Be Not Swift to Anger****: 23
****Relic of Fertility: Thelasas of the Relic****: 23
Relic of Fertility: The Poisoned Pit: 23
Alsa Thel of Magic Quests:
Relic of Magic: Resonant Destruction: 24
Relic of Magic: Seperated from your God: 24
****Relic of Magic: Thelasas of the Relic****: 24
Relic of Magic: Unbalancing the Forces: 24
Alsa Thel of Oratory Quests:
Relic of Oratory: Blood on the Wind: 25
Relic of Oratory: Philosophical Rejection: 25
Relic of Oratory: Thelasas of the Relic: 25
****Relic of Oratory: Time Trial of Wind****: 25
Alsa Thel of Splendor Quests:
Relic of Splendor: Thelasas of the Relic: 26
Relic of Splendor: The Lost Initiate: 26
Relic of Splendor: The Purest Splendor: 26
****Relic of Splendor: Time Trial of Resplendence****: 26
Alsa Thel of Tides Quests:
Relic of Tides: Coastal Extinction: 27
****Relic of Tides: Decimating the Vanguard****: 27
****Relic of Tides: Tainting the Pools****: 27
Relic of Tides: Thelasas of the Relic: 27

Sepulcher Quests Overview By: Rorce On: July 19, 2012, 04:21:08 AM

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