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Argath, Bastion of Illdaera

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Argath All Named Map

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1. Armor of the Dead 2. Bane of Argath 3. Breath of Ryken
4. Blades of Forgotten Heros 5. Blademaster of the Order 6. Burnmaster of the Pillars
7. Core of the Mountain 8. Emissary Drucifel 9. Felsalath
10. Gravemaster of the Pillars 11. Husk of Starvation 12. Illdaeras Tear
13. Interrogator Galectes 14. Kaledor the Tide Turner 15. Kalkek
16. Keramar the Naeya 17. Legendary Swords 18. Reviler of Argath
19. Seed of Battle 20. Shards of Battle 21. Shieldbearer of the Gods
22. Tactician Krucidon 23. The Collector 24. Vigorous Turncoat

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