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Erillion, City of Bronze

Overview -=- Quests and Missions (By NPC name) -=- Named Spawn Overview -=- Named All Info

Map of Quest First Steps in City of Bronze Map of Quest First Steps in City of Bronze Map of Quest First Steps in City of Bronze

The #'s on the map(s) show the areas where the first few steps in each task takes place (Same #'s take place in the same area, if no # is present it is an instance, takes place outside of the zone, or can be done throughout the entire zone)

Tasks go in - order, if an | exists it means you can do those in any order, but have to all be done to continue on to the end. If tasks aren't listed in a chain, they can be done at any time.

Quest Chain: Stop the Dreams | Dreams of Chaos - A Spy Among Us - Restoring Order - Political Favors - The Traitor Revealed - The Order of Three

Mercenary Quests:
It's Only A Crime If You're Caught!
Ratting Out The Faithful
Silence Is Golden
Soliciting Trouble
They Who Must Not Be Named
Partisan Quests:
A Spy Among Us: 1
Dreams of Chaos: 2
Information is King: 3
Political Favors: 4
Stop the Dreams
Restoring Order: 6
Group Missions:
The Order of Three
The Traitor Revealed

Erillion Quests Overview By: Rorce On: July 19, 2012, 03:56:50 AM

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