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Tier 1 Named (Fields area)

an angry mob leader

Archon Haerin

Enraged Fertility Spirit

Hungry Spirit

Lancer Archon Gaoril


Nareneth, the Heart Tree

Overgrown Dung Beetle

Supply Archon Tergat

The Moonflower

Tier 2 Named (War valley area)

Aethra the Mad

Aggrieved Fertility Spirit

Arth, Village Guardian

Blood-gorged Huntsman

Bloodborn Spirit


Elsha the Mournful

Ker Reega

Krongar the Enrager

Lor Reega

Oashim Progenitor

Ranger Archon Daetas

Taer Reega

The Battlesteel Dead

Trooper Archon Feht

Urash, Specter of Death