Overview - 0-70 Skill - 71-100 Skill - List of language requirements

In Veil of Alaris, the residents speak an unknown to us language. This language is called Alaran. There are many aspects of the expansion that are locked behind learning this language. You will start out with a skill of 0, and it will max at 100.

Learning Alaran

Our first goal is to reach a skill of 71, so that we can obtain all of our spells and AA's. To do this, we will need to complete 5 kill tasks in Argath or Lunanyn which each yield +2 skill, then we get the choice of doing a 6 quest chain in Argath, or doing a 6 quest chain in Valley of Lunanyn. Then we must complete either the 2 Argath group missions, or the 2 Valley of Lunanyn group missions (you can possibly do 1 of each, I didn't get to test). The 5 kill quests can be done out of order, and can be done together, and can be a mix from Argath or Lunanyn. The quests for the 6 quest chains should be done in order, however. Beyond 70 skill, the time sink dramatically increases, with us only gaining 3-4 skill for completing entire zones. Click Here for information on 0 - 70 skill, or Here for information on skill of 71 or over!