Veil of Alaris is EverQuest's Eighteenth expansion pack! This expansion brings players 12 brand new zones to explore. Players are now able to reach the 95th level.

Major highlights include:

  • Go from to 95 - Achieve a New Max Level of 95 and set a new standard of gameplay
  • Improved Hotbars! - Have better control of your characters experience with a revamp of the Hotbar system including the ability to display more hotbars with more buttons; assign icons to individual buttons; link and click on items from your hotbar instead of hot-swappping; and cool-down timers!
  • Parcel & Coin Delivery system - Mail items and coin to your friends while they are offline; share profits from your adventures with your friends and receive items from them easier than ever before!
  • New Guild Halls - Take Guild Halls to new heights with an integration of Tools and Functionality derived from EverQuest's robust Housing System. Customize and place your guild hall in one of our housing zones including multiple exterior and interiors.
  • New Guild Rank-Based permission system - Personalize your Guilds with namable ranks and customizable permissions
  • New Guild Trophies with varying bonuses!
  • More than 800 AAs - Elevate your power and abilities beyond the norm
  • 13 Raids - Collect valuable rewards from all new adventures
  • 12 Zones - Be the first to discover untouched lands of Norrath
  • 500+ Spells - Exponentially add to your spell arsenal
  • 20 Missions - Experience intriguing lore and immersive Missions
  • 110+ Quests - Challenge your skills and gather useful loot

Things you should know going into VoA:

The entry point to Veil of Alaris is Argath. There is a blimp in Steamfont Mountains that gives rides to Argath, a video of this blimp ride can be found Here. We have also prepared a video overview of the Argath zone, which shows the location of the Rank 1 spell vendors, the armor materials vendors, the main quest and raid giver, and the zone lines found in Argath. This video can be found Here.

Veil of Alaris is different from the past few expansions, in that there is no group flagging. All static zones are open to everyone on day 1, you do not need to complete group missions in order to enter the end game zones. The flipside to this, however, is that your new AA's and Rank 2 spells are locked behind a language skill. The inhabitants of Alaris speak an unknown language to us, called Alaran. In order to understand what the NPC's are saying, you must learn this language.

If you completed the original Pre-Launch missions and received An Ancient Text, then you get a headstart on this language. Language skill is obtained by completing quests and missions. You can find more information on gaining skill, along with skill requirements Here.