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Valley of Lunanyn

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Supply Archon Tergat

Picture submitted by: Rathe.Shoey

- PH spawn location(s).
- A safe spot to camp.

Re: Supply Archon Tergat By: Bidaum On: August 02, 2015, 11:43:38 PM

After camping the "an Arcon" tent for several sittings and no luck; I began to investigate possibilities. All the rectangular tents have an ordinary mob (soldier, ranger, trooper, impaler) in a corner of each of them. After four rounds of spawns Tergat did indeed spawn in the Orator tent LOC -1272, 450, -46. Cross-referencing previous kill maps from Magelo helped to confirm and give weight to my hypothesis:  Tergat has been killed in each rectangular tent at his spawn point, as well as other places he was obviously pulled and killed.  He does a kinda knockback, so being in the tent actually helps you from being thrown into possible adds.  Perhaps he can spawn in any tent; although I've seen Feht in the small tents.... On to the next zone! :P

Also, a peculiar thing to note: Tergat's drops are ATTUNEABLE; only the northern Valley names dropped attunable items, yet Tergat is about as far South as one can get!

Supply Archon Tergat By: Rorce On: July 18, 2012, 11:02:16 AM

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