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Windsong Sanctuary

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In Perfect Harmony

Quest Giver: Clusterchord

Requirements: Level 85, 81 Skill Level in Alaran
Request Phrase: use
Time Limit: Unlimited
Task Type: Solo
Lockout: 6 Hours
Repeatable: Yes


  • Experience
  • 150 Platinum


  • Mercenary of the Windsong Sanctuary

Task Steps:

  • Kill 10 musical spirits 0/10 (Windsong Sanctuary) More Info
  • Speak with the Clusterchord 0/1 (Windsong Sanctuary) More Info


  • Kill 10 musical spirits 0/10 (Windsong Sanctuary)
    • Kill 10 musical spirits, these can be found throughout the outter areas of the zone, they are floating instruments
  • Speak with the Clusterchord 0/1 (Windsong Sanctuary)
    • Return to and Hail Clusterchord (as indicated by on the map)

  • In Perfect Harmony By: Rorce On: July 19, 2012, 02:06:43 AM

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